Kung Fu


Find your center and optimize your life with Kung Fu

Body Balance Academy offers classes for Kids, Teens and Adults. We offer a range of programs leading to Black Sash certification. Our instructors are committed to helping students achieve their goals.

Benefits of Kung Fu:

  • Physical fitness

  • Self defense

  • Focus in school and life

  • Discipline for work and study

  • Respect for oneself and others

  • Awareness

  • Listening and communication skills

  • Leadership training

  • Present centered thinking

  • Confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Cooperation

  • Self control

  • Commitment


The Kung Fu Kid’s Program teaches focus, discipline and self confidence. This program offers a fun, healthy and safe environment to learn martial arts and self defense while working together with instructors, mentors and peers. This program has a minimum attendance of two days per week.

The Teen & Adult Kung Fu Program offers an overview of conditioning, fundamentals and self defense. Students will learn three individual forms and one two-person set. The Basic program prepares students for upper level training including weapons and sparring.

The Kung Fu Black Sash Program offers students next-level training that leads to Black Sash certification. Students begin training in weapons, sparring and kung fu acrobatics. This program has a minimum attendance of two days per week and offers up to 3 days per week of classes.

The Kung Fu Leadership Program is available by invitation only for current students who have exceeded all of the Basic Kung Fu Program requirements and demonstrate the virtues of the martial arts in their lives. Kung Fu Leadership is a mentorship and community service program that offers unlimited classes including most seminars as well as quarterly private consultations with Shih Fu. The Leadership Program requires a minimum of 2 days per week and a minimum 3.0 GPA for school-age students.

There is no limit to what motivated and dedicated students can achieve at Body Balance Academy. With the Unlimited Program, students attend as many Kung Fu classes as desired each week.  Private Lessons can be scheduled during the week for one-on-one training with Shih Fu Eileen.


"I began to study Tai Chi to improve my balance after surgery. My physical balance has improved remarkably, and unexpectedly, my sense of balance living in the world has improved as well."

— Richard Schaut, Tai Chi & Kung Fu Student


"I have been so enamored with the grounded strength and focus I have seen in the students and teachers in my daughter's Kung Fu class since she started a few weeks ago. She has been passionate and focused in her learning in a way that totally surprised me, and that the art seems to have inspired within her. I am grateful that my daughter's dance with Martial Arts has begun in such an amazing place!"

— Lisa Bonney Berry, Kung Fu Parent  


"It all started a year ago with a little curiosity and has blossomed into a way of life. Since my sons Colin, Branden and I began our journey at Body Balance Academy, each day we’ve enjoyed inspiration, confidence and physical and mental reward from the practice of martial arts. But, the practice is not complete without special thanks and appreciation for the Shih Fu’s and the quality practitioners they are. Shih Fu Hancock and her team have created an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and genuine fun while nurturing student advancement. We are delighted with what we’ve learned and it will be with us for the rest of our lives."

— Kim Stewart, Tai Chi Student, Kung Fu Parent