"I had been doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Body Balance for almost 2 years prior to receiving my diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer. I attribute my stamina throughout my treatment to having previously strengthened my body by practicing Tai Chi at least 3 days a week. I have continued to participate in classes post recovery and it has helped me return to health."

— Pat Nash, Tai Chi Student & Lotus Scholar  


"Tai Chi at Body Balance has been a part of my cancer journey. During recovery from surgery, I would lay in my hospital bed and breathe while imagining doing the form. This helped me relax and exercise my breath in a body forever changed. Attending Tai Chi has brought back my strength and helps to keep me strong."

— Linda Byrne, Tai Chi Student & Lotus Scholar  


"I began to study Tai Chi to improve my balance after surgery. My physical balance has improved remarkably, and unexpectedly, my sense of balance living in the world has improved as well."

— Richard Schaut, Tai Chi & Kung Fu Student


"It all started a year ago with a little curiosity and has blossomed into a way of life. Since my sons Colin, Branden and I began our journey at Body Balance Academy, each day we’ve enjoyed inspiration, confidence and physical and mental reward from the practice of martial arts. But, the practice is not complete without special thanks and appreciation for the Shih Fu’s and the quality practitioners they are. Shih Fu Hancock and her team have created an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and genuine fun while nurturing student advancement. We are delighted with what we’ve learned and it will be with us for the rest of our lives."

— Kim Stewart and family, Tai Chi & Kung Fu Students


"I will be soon completing 10 years of practice at Body Balance Academy. I benefit from tai chi not only physically with balance and flexibility, but also with mental sharpness. It also compliments my meditation practice. Tai Chi will continue to be a key part of my self care plan as I move through my 70s."

— Rob Ferroggiaro, Tai Chi Student


"Since I have been doing Tai Chi, while I am aging, I continue to be flexible. I have
no joint pains and if I have pain in a leg, when I go to a Tai Chi class I am better when I leave. I also credit Tai Chi and Chi Gong with allowing me to navigate situations that are stressful and anxiety producing. If I can remember that I can calm myself down and relax with my practice, my life if filled with more equanimity and peace. I am very grateful for the excellence of the teachers, their kindness and professionalism."

— Perissa Busick, Tai Chi Student   

"Tai chi is like an old friend. I can take it with me anywhere I go. It has enhanced my sense of wellbeing and quality of life with others."

— Ed de St. Maurice, Tai Chi student